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The fast and easy way to track your workouts

Lift, Track, Progress

Exactly what you need to log your workouts and keep track of progression!

What our users say

"This app is exactly what I needed. Clean, minimal design that does what I want and nothing more. Tried lots of different apps and this one blows them all away."

"Just what I need to track powerlifting workouts. And nothing I don't need."

"Simple, easy, complete. This app provides you with everything you need to track your workouts."

"I could not live without this app. Ok, I could, but it would make life a lot harder ;)"

"I NEVER leave reviews and this is my first, but killer app! Simplistic and easy to use, well done."

"Everything you could ever need and more from a workout tracking app and more. Makes it so simple and straightforward"


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